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how to grind down uneven concrete

Post at: September 26, 2012 By Hlong

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how to grind down uneven concrete

Do It Yourself Concrete Floor Grinding |

Leveling uneven concrete floors can be a fairly easy task to accomplish. … or you have stains or damages to repair, you may need to grind downHow to Finish Concrete

How to Join Concrete Slabs That Are Uneven |

Grind this edge down so that is as level as you can get it with the surface of the … was a moment of relief for homeowners who needed to fix an uneven concrete floor.

Grinding Concrete

Grinding Concrete We grind floors … If you have a concrete slab that is up to 1” to 1”1/2 out of level, this will grind it down. … for dealing with uneven concrete

Grinding Concrete Floors – Concrete Grinding

Even if you have ugly, uneven concrete to start with, your local concrete polishing contractor can grind down rough and uneven spots in the floor leaving your floor with …

Can I grind a concrete porch level? – Porches & Decks Forum …

Is there any way for me to grind down the surface of the porch … bigger chunks than necessary- that would ruin the concrete. This process is used to smooth out uneven

Concrete grinding question – Welcome to The Home Owners’ …

I need to grind down my concrete walkway, 1/2" deep over an area of 3′ x 2′. Can this be done? Is this a DIY job or do I need a pro to do this? — Walter www …

Good way to cover an uneven concrete floor…10 points? – Yahoo …

Nov 08, 2009 · that would help to stick the floor to the concrete. However, the floor is quite a bit uneven. … You could grind down the high spots so that it will finish …

Flooring and Carpeting: uneven cement under carpet, cement …

Flooring and Carpeting /uneven cement under carpet … You will have to grind the concrete down though to make it more even. You shouldn’t have any …

Leveling Uneven Concrete Patios |

Leveling Uneven Concrete Patios … on the surface to cover any depressions and tamp it down so that it will settle once the concrete is …

How to grind concrete smooth? – Yahoo! Answers

Jul 10, 2008 · Does anyone know how to grind concrete? I have a hump in my conccrete floor. … Or get a angle grinder with a cement disk and grind down till your happy…

Concrete Floor Grinder

Situp N Grind with edging feature is a sit-down-to-use grinder which … diamond segments will readily grind away concrete

3 Options for Uneven Floor Repair |

Dealing with uneven floors is a part of the … have to use bolts that can go through the concrete surface. 3. Grinding. Another option that you may have is to grind down

Bump And Grind Concrete Grinding – Hotfrog US – Free online …

we started bump and grind concrete grinding in march 1998 ; we started using machines to grind down raised lips or uneven concrete slabs, this type of grinding

Concrete Grinding – ← – Quality Phoenix, AZ Tile Removal Starts …

How the right concrete grinding equipment can smooth an uneven concrete subfloor … Our concrete grinding equipment can grind … This will greatly slow down the grinding

Concrete Grinding

What is concrete grinding? Concrete grinding is a method of repairing uneven concrete surfaces by using the existing concrete slab. FLATLINE CONCRETE GRINDING

Floors : Concrete floors – ConsumerBuild

How to deal with common problems with concrete floors: cracks, uneven … vinyl has been laid over poorly finished concrete. To fix the problem, remove the old vinyl. Grind